Sweet Potato Icecream


This summer we have here in Denmark this year is hot hot HOT!!! I think it must be 1000000000 degrees……

nah not really, but it is very warm here! it’s acually so hot here and for such a long time now, that we can’t BBQ or have any open flames outside….. But that just means that it’s the perfect time for icecream making, lots and lots of icecream!

Here is a recipe for a healthy, fun and coloful icecream made with purple sweet potatos, that i bought at Uganic in Copenhagen.


Sweet potato icecream


  • 600g cooked purple sweet potato


  • 600g soy vanilla milk/plain plant milk


  • a pinch of salt


  • a little vanilla, optional
  • taste with maple or agave syrup, we used 75g.


  1. Blend the ingredients until smooth in a good food processor


  2. Freeze it until solid, in small moulds so it’s easier to blend.


  3. Since it’s a low fat ice cream it will create ice crystals, so to remove that before eating it, take it out of the freezer for 5-10 minutes and blend it in a food processor until smooth again.


  4. Eat right after blending.



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