Strawberry nicecream

If you don’t know what a nicecream is yet, then you really are in for a treat! A nicecream is only only one of the most yummy, healthy treats there are in my opinion. The base are frozen bananas, that you blend, and then get a softice texture. you can then add flavors, color, topping or whatever you want! I have more than one recipe on this site, just search on nicecream and it will get you there.


Serving: 1 Person


  • 2 bananas (200g) frozen


  • 100g frozen strawberries


  • 2-4 tbsp beet juice (Tip: Beet juice or beet powder gives extra pink paw, to your pink dishes). optional
  • ½ tsp vanilla


  1. Blend the banana, Strawberries and vanilla in a food processor until smooth. Put it in a bowl and make it pretty with toppings if you like or eat it as it is.


Nutrition facts, the whole recipe, 312g:

207 calories; Total fat: 1g (sat. fat: 0.2g, unsat fat: 0g, Polyunsat fat: 0.3g) Total Carbs: 43.4g (Sugar: 37.3g, fiber: 5.3g), Protein: 3.2g


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