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Purple sweet potato energy balls


 Sweet potato energy balls! Perfect for the lunchbox or as a post Workout snack or just because they are super yummy! Aaaaand the color is pretty freaking amazing  For my energy balls or bars, I work from a template and play around with the amounts and I want to share […]

Sweet Potato Icecream


   This summer we have here in Denmark this year is hot hot HOT!!! I think it must be 1000000000 degrees…… nah not really, but it is very warm here! it’s acually so hot here and for such a long time now, that we can’t BBQ or have any open […]

Zucchini soup


  Zucchini soup Summer is over here in Denmark, and it has gotten a lot colder, and that just say soup that warms you up. Zucchini is one of the veggies I have in my garden that has given me so much this year, and I have pretty much eaten it […]