Oat balls

This recipe is a Christmas recipe here in Denmark, that we love to eat our family. This recipe is my dads that I got to steel and make my own vegan version.

This is kinda like an unhealthy version of a raw cake ball, that is best served cold.

makes 60-70 balls


  • 500g rolled oats


  • 400g sugar


  • 200g vegan butter


  • 100g cacao powder


  • 100ml coffee
  • either almond or rum essence (around 1 tbsp)
  • sugar or shredded coconut for rolling the balls in


  1. Mix all the ingredients together by hand until you get a dough that you can roll into balls.
  2. Roll the dough into balls and roll them in sugar or shredded coconut.
  3. Chill them in the fridge.
  4. Enjoy


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