Golden ‘latte’

This most be one of My favorit latte’s to make! its super healthy, taste amazing and it gets you warm in the cold months there are coming now. The recipe is so simple and taste sooooo yummy! Note: I make a whole L at the time =4 cups mylk, and […]


Elderflower lemonade syrup

If you have access to fresh elderflowers in the early summer, I highly recommend you to give this recipe a try. it is very cheap to make and I think that it taste so much better then the store bought version that you can get here in Denmark.  


Mulled ‘Wine’

In Denmark, we have a tradition to drink mulled wine at Christmas time. What is mulled wine? Basically, it is a warm red wine with spices, nuts, and raisins. My take on this is a bit different because it has nothing to do with wine, and everyone, kids, and adults […]