Rice pudding

This is a recipe we actually eat as dinner here in Denmark, mostly at Christmas time. I have put it under desserts because in opinion it belongs here. It is more like a dessert than dinner. In Denmark, we call it risengrød and its something the elf love to eat.  


Vegan paczki or jelly doughnut

A good friend of mine (Kurt) talked about wanting a vegan paczki one day, so i wanted to make a recipe for him, but first i had to find out what they were, lol. What i found is that these are very close to what we in Denamark call a berliner […]



This dish is called ‘Risalamande’ and are something we eat on Christmas eve here in DK, but really I could probably faceplant this almost every day! It’s basically a rice pudding With whipped cream, almonds and vanilla. Rice pudding is also a Christmas dish we have here, and its something […]


Oat balls

This recipe is a Christmas recipe here in Denmark, that we love to eat our family. This recipe is my dads that I got to steel and make my own vegan version. This is kinda like an unhealthy version of a raw cake ball, that is best served cold.  


Quinoa Snickers squares

Holy everything yummy….. this little square of amazingness tastes like Snickers and are crazy easy to make. This is by far one of the most dangerous recipes I have ever made because these squares will be gone very very soon!  



This right here is my version on a vegan Croissant! With this recipe, you can make so many amazing things like cinnamon rolls, sweet potato, and chocolate rolls/croissants.  


‘koldskål’ or cold bowl

This is a dish that can be used as a main dish or as a dessert… you decide, lol! It’s a milk based dish, that I veganized using vegan yogurt. you can make it with vanilla or with fruit, whatever you decide I promise that it will be yummy!